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Product of a confused mind....

30 December
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This is my writing journal. While I am more than happy to add people as friends to it, I don't check the friends list for it. I only use this journal for my writing. If you want to friend my normal, everyday journal (see below) then you are more than welcome to.

It's all slash (despite my saying it wouldn't be when I first started it - go figure) It's also nearly all Jackass slash (mainly Johnny and A.N.Other) but also some Wildboyz, a few based around Johnny's non Jackass work and a few schoolboy!johnny stories which appear to have grown themselves quite a reputation (good or bad I have yet to discover). I don't own any of the characters presented in the stories and nothing in them ever happened...as much as I would like it to...

This is my normal, everyday journal. Feel free to come around and have a look :o)